Photography: How does it make you feel?


_f4q7215ol-kopieImage source: Nicholas Roemmelt

I was just thinking about things that make me feel good. Photography is one of them. Looking at a photograph when you can’t be there in person can have a visceral effect on you. Well, at least it does for me. I think great photography has a story behind it and it makes you feel something. That feeling can be profound or lighthearted. But it provokes some kind of reaction in you. Art is another thing that affects me in the same way. I was scrolling through Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt’s webpage and I’m astounded at the images there. Looking at these images fills something up inside me. I look at them and sigh. I feel a kind of joy when I look at these photographs. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see that there are still so many beautiful places on this planet. We’ve ruined so much of it already. Sometimes I despair that we won’t be able to repair the damage we’ve done. But I digress. Let me get back on topic.

Image source: Laurent Baheux

Laurent Baheux is another photographer whose work I adore. He seems to focus more on wildlife though he also does landscape shots. Looking at these wildlife photos I feel like I can see the spirit of these animals. Elephants have sadness and wisdom in their eyes (especially these days). While lions are the physical manifestation of earth spirits. They are so entirely one with the land they live on. They depend on it and are affected by it. All beings have a soul and if you take a moment to look closely you can see how they are feeling in their eyes.

Take a look at the photographs on their website and let me know. What do you feel when you look at them?