Funny Cat Moments

Hannah on the sofa.

Hannah is 16 years old but she is a spry cat. She’s a black and white tuxedo cat with a very expressive face. Her whiskers are white and it looks like she’s got eyebrows. She can stare at you with a laser-like glare, it’s so intense. Her paws are white so she looks like she’s wearing mittens and boots. I love her. She makes me laugh and she talks to us in trills and sweet meows. She goes up and down the stairs by jumping up with both her front paws then both back legs follow in a short hop. It looks really funny, like a bunny rabbit hopping around. When she’s hungry her meow sounds like she’s saying “now?” It starts as a mmmm then turns into a rrrrrrow! And then when you put her food down she purrs loud like an engine and faceplants into her bowl. You can hear her slurping up her food enthusiastically. It’s hilarious to me.

Well one day, she jumped up onto the loveseat in our master bedroom. It’s got lots of cushions on it. Six cushions in all. I happened to glance her way when she jumped up and she suddenly dove into the middle of the cushions face first. Before I could whip out my cell phone to take a video all I could see was her butt sticking out the top of the cushions and her tail following it. Then she pushed the cushions aside as if forging her own brave path in the woods so they fell on top of her kind of like a teepee. And she sat under her teepee cushion very happily until the next thing caught her attention and she jumped off the sofa. What a funny cat.


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