Quote: I wish common sense…

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I once saw a lady walking around wearing a shirt that had this quote. Not sure who first wrote this quote. But I have to say, I agree with them unfortunately! When I was younger I used to believe that some people who did or said things that were ignorant were just clueless. Now that I’m older I realize that some people are just that stupid. It’s really a sad thing for me to realize. I always believed in the best of the human race. But society has not encouraged the average person to be a deep thinker. Maybe that is not society’s role. I don’t know. I cannot judge. But it just seems to me that people now are shallow thinkers compared to previous generations. That’s not true for everyone of course. There are always the exceptions. Is it the advent of social media and the digital age? But then again there are some people of the current generation who are using social media & the internet to do some really profound things. I applaud those people.

But it’s people who do insane things to get a good selfie that I don’t like. There were some people in the Dominican Republic who dragged a shark from the water to get a selfie. The shark ended up dying. Because DUH! Sharks cannot breathe air! These people just killed a living being. Does life mean so little to them? Things like this really get to me. That is not the only story I’ve seen about such incidents with selfie takers. Many such selfie takers are also unaware or don’t care that the cute sloth they are taking a picture with was probably stolen from the wild. Sloths are solitary creatures. By nature they don’t like to always be touched or handled, much less by humans. It’s very stressful for them. I’ve read that sloths used in this manner live only about 6 months. People are treating living beings as disposable. They don’t even think about it such things. It makes me so mad. I have to stop here because I could go on and on.

The selfie takers are the worst examples of thoughtless people. But there are so many smaller incidents in which people could act with more common sense and more thoughtfully. Humans are by nature self-centered. But we can remember to think about other people. We can remember to be kind. The homeless guy in the subway has to worry about his next meal and where to find shelter every day. Will you really miss $5, $10, even $20 if you give it to him? You might say you don’t know if he’ll use it for drugs or alcohol. That choice will be on him. But at least you did a little something to help. If we all did a little something or a big something to help, this world would truly be a great world. So before you go rushing off to do something, take a little time, think about it. Use your common sense.