I will come to you

Wandering and lonely,
Hungry for your presence,
When we are separated,
I will come to you.

Though river or rock,
Or hand or wood
Bar my way,
Across the reaches of despair,
Beyond the call of time,
I will come to you.

Over the barren land,
Void of love or life,
Though shadows of night press on every side,
Though forces unseen try to deter my will,
I will come to you in your need,
By night or day,
Or within the time between.

When we are separated,
By some unfortunate turn of fate,
When your soul reaches for me,
I will come to you,
Though the very essence of evil stops my stride.

For the length of your life,
And surpassing death’s grasp,
I will dare to thwart all who come in my way,
Who prevent me from coming to him,
Who waits for me in some place that stands apart from heaven and oblivion.

If you love me,
I will come to you,
Out from the darkest shadow,
To comfort you in your need.

By: Hazel PK