Mea momentum = Latin for My moment

My name is Hazel PK. I’ve not listed my whole name in order to ensure privacy in this internet world. Perhaps that privacy is an illusion but it makes me feel just a tiny bit more secure.

This is my personal website where I publish a collection of my random thoughts, memories and reactions to what happens in my life and what I’m exposed to. It’s intended as a creative writing website partly. So forgive me if the wording is a bit more elaborate.

My main aim is to help the person reading these posts to experience something profound. I like to write about things that touch me. That’s what makes me want to write. So you’ll notice the poetry I publish here will have strong emotions in them. It’s not that my life is all sadness or happiness. But I usually only feel like writing poetry when in the midst of strong emotions. So think of the poems as snapshots of emotions being experienced in the moment of writing. I’ve tried writing purely intellectual poems and they end up being horrible. As for the other posts some are fond memories of things I’ve experienced, like the post about the 12 Apostles. Other posts are about things that I wonder about.

A little about me: I’m pretty picky about what I consume media-wise. I’m a sensitive person in many ways and this crazy fast hyper world often tires me. Being picky about what I expose my mind to has helped me cope. I sometimes think I was meant to be born in a different era. But I’m here now so this is me coping with life. I hope you enjoy these posts.

****Please note all writing on this website is original unless otherwise cited. I believe in giving credit where it’s due. So please don’t plagiarize my work.****

P.S. I am Canadian so please note I do spell words like colour and honour with a “u”. No, it’s not a mistake.

Header image: Photo by Nicholas Roemmelt