Funny Cat Moments

Hannah on the sofa.

Hannah is 16 years old but she is a spry cat. She’s a black and white tuxedo cat with a very expressive face. Her whiskers are white and it looks like she’s got eyebrows. She can stare at you with a laser-like glare, it’s so intense. Her paws are white so she looks like she’s wearing mittens and boots. I love her. She makes me laugh and she talks to us in trills and sweet meows. She goes up and down the stairs by jumping up with both her front paws then both back legs follow in a short hop. It looks really funny, like a bunny rabbit hopping around. When she’s hungry her meow sounds like she’s saying “now?” It starts as a mmmm then turns into a rrrrrrow! And then when you put her food down she purrs loud like an engine and faceplants into her bowl. You can hear her slurping up her food enthusiastically. It’s hilarious to me.

Well one day, she jumped up onto the loveseat in our master bedroom. It’s got lots of cushions on it. Six cushions in all. I happened to glance her way when she jumped up and she suddenly dove into the middle of the cushions face first. Before I could whip out my cell phone to take a video all I could see was her butt sticking out the top of the cushions and her tail following it. Then she pushed the cushions aside as if forging her own brave path in the woods so they fell on top of her kind of like a teepee. And she sat under her teepee cushion very happily until the next thing caught her attention and she jumped off the sofa. What a funny cat.


12 Apostles, A Memory

photo source: Wikipedia
12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia

We took the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles. It’s about 2 hours and 45 minutes to get here from Melbourne. I’m claustrophobic but being in the same car as my cousins helps distract me. Plus the landscape of Oz is truly unique. I can’t stop staring at everything we pass by. City turns into small towns and are interspersed with stretches of wilderness. We take turns napping in the car. There isn’t much else to do on this long drive but wait until we get there.

When we finally do arrive, I step out of the car, my legs feeling a little funny because I’ve been sitting for so long. We wander down to the viewing platforms. I stretch my arms over my head, relishing the freedom from confinement. The hot sun beats down on my head. It’s summertime in the land of Oz. Thank God. Back home in Canada it would be winter and I’d rather be here right now. Winters can be long and dreary back home.

I look up and the sky is a pure perfect blue. There are hardly any clouds in sight. The blue of the sky matches the blue of the ocean below like two mirror reflecting each other.  I look down to the cliffs below and the waves are crashing against the shore. A refreshing breeze comes off the sea, caressing my face gently. It’s cooling me down just enough so I don’t overheat. I close my eyes in bliss. It’s the perfect temperature for me. I can’t help but think that this is what heaven on earth must feel like. It sounds corny but how else do I describe this profound peace that I’m feeling? This feeling that this moment is special? This is a day and a place where the sky meets the earth and water in perfect harmony. There are no other sounds except the people around you, the waves and sea birds flying around.

photo source: Wikipedia

I hear a little rustling and open my eyes to look towards the noise. Not far from my feet an echidna (a type of anteater) is waddling around underneath a bush. It’s rare to see them because they are naturally timid. I feel honoured to have seen one. Natives and aboriginals believe that when you see animals in their natural habitat it’s a message to you. And I wonder what an echidna would symbolize.  My family and I explore the area with a meandering pace.  We come across a naturally formed pool of water on the cliff side with an arch of stone hugging the cliff’s edge. I wish I had my camera with me because I’ve never seen such natural quiet beauty. The sun shines through the arch, dazzling my eyes. That sense of peace washes over me again. I know that no matter where I go in my life I’ll always remember this day and what it felt like to be here. Most of us will say that life is never perfect. But today is a day where everything felt perfect and everything fit. Even the long drive on the great ocean road to get here to the 12 Apostles and Port Campbell was worth it just to experience this day.